Andrey Lysenko, volunteer, head of the railway section of the Donetsk enrichment plant

Andrey Lysenko, volunteer, head of the railway section of the Donetsk enrichment plant


President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the Decree on support of volunteer activity in Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

As stated in the Decree posted on the portal of legal information, organizational issues related to volunteers in the Donbass will be handled by Rosmolodezh. This department, together with the Association of Volunteer Centers, will determine the procedure for the selection and training of volunteers. And the FSB and the Russian Ministry of Defense will ensure a safe and organized procedure for volunteers to cross the state border.

In the event of the death of volunteers in the zone of the special operation, their families are entitled to payments of five million rubles, in case of injury – three million. The Russian government must within a week determine the procedure for payments and medical insurance for volunteers for the period of their stay in the territories of the DPR and LPR.

I called my old friend in Donetsk, one of the leaders of the volunteer movement in Donbass Andrey Lysenko.

– … Andrei, you are well known not only in the DPR, LPR, but also in Russia. Tell me, how do you assess the document signed by Vladimir Putin?

– I very positively assess the care shown for the volunteers, because every day we risk our lives. After all, we constantly have to be where the fighting is going on. President Putin’s decree to support our volunteers means that in the event, God forbid, of some kind of incident, a person, as well as his family, deserve some kind of benefits. And even payments.

– And how long have you been working as a volunteer – is that what you want to call what you do?

– Since 2014, for more than 8 years.

But I – in this respect – am a private person.

– I don’t think it matters. The main thing is that you are known as a volunteer, I repeat, not only in the republics of Donbass, but also in Russia, and in the media you are, as they say, “hyped”.

Tell me, in total, according to your estimates (you communicate with colleagues), how many volunteers are there in the DPR and LPR who are members of volunteer organizations or private ones, like you?

– I know up to two dozen really normal volunteers who have been risking their lives for all these 8 years.

At the moment, due to the intensification of hostilities and the conduct of a special operation by the Russian Federation, the number of volunteers has increased not only at times, but dozens, and maybe hundreds of times. Because people come from different regions of Russia who just want to help the locals.

I, Alexander, have already organized a group of people who have gathered around me, in total more than two dozen people who buy food, form parcels, sets of products, travel with me and distribute all this to people.

And, in general, in my opinion,

The volunteer movement in the Donbass has now acquired a huge scale.

– That is, Vladimir Putin’s decree on the work of volunteers in the DPR and LPR turned out to be very useful now?

– Yes, very handy. Of course, I would like to hope that it applies to all volunteers, regardless of whether it is a private person who is known to the media, or you specifically need to join a particular organization in order to have some benefits.

– You and the local authorities will probably decide now how the provisions of the Decree will operate in practice …! I call you often, especially lately. What routes do you have now, the situation is developing, where do you visit with the volunteer guys, in what areas, what do you know?

– We were in Mariupol, brought a ton of products. Half was unloaded in a mosque on the seashore.

And next to the mosque, about a kilometer away, there is an Orthodox church. And we gave half of the products there to the parishioners.

What struck me? When I said that this is for the Muslim community, and part will be for the Orthodox community, the Muslims said: it doesn’t matter to us whether it’s a Muslim or not, who will come to us, who will need, whether he is a Christian or a Muslim, it doesn’t matter at all, let comes, we will give him food, water. That is, now we have no disagreements, what is the most interesting, on some religious or national grounds. We are all united now, everyone supports each other.

– What good fellows you are. Tell me, where do you get food, transport?

– I have my subscribers who bought and gave me an armored car, an armored car, in which money is usually bred in banks. And I also have subscribers, in particular, a well-known public figure

Tatyana Montyan, personally mine, who transfer funds for which I buy food and breed people. Yesterday I was in Staromikhaylovka, they fed the children, women, and the elderly. There was a very cool reportage about this on our TV, how a boy runs around there, calling everyone: “Here, guys, run, they are handing out sweets here.” And I brought a box of chocolate and handed it out to the kids.

– What good fellows you all the same. Tell me, has your wife returned from the other side or not?

– Not. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible.

– So, you hope that the front line will advance, and then …

– Certainly. We hope that the front line – it will still shift, and then my wife will return home. (She, as Andrei said earlier, looks after the children of her relative. – A.G.)

Andrey, thank you very much for your work.

– Thank you for your work.

– Hold on. Happily. Hello. Happy holiday, May Day!

– Happy Holidays!


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