Photo by the press service of the Governor of the Moscow Region

Moscow region approved a federal tranche worth more than 9 billion rubles. The money will go to the implementation of a major infrastructure project – the reconstruction of the road and the sewer. In total, loans were issued to 12 regions for a total amount of about 28 billion rubles.

“9.1 billion rubles is the largest tranche this year among all regions. Thanks to the government of the Russian Federation for supporting our application. All the events for which we received funding will be held in the Leninsky urban district – one of the largest territories where almost 380 thousand people live, – said the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov. – From the main point: we are reconstructing the Kashirskoye Highway – additional exits and interchanges are needed there. We are also modernizing the sewer collector – the object is not very visible, but it is important for the quality of public services and the commissioning of new microdistricts.

The reconstruction of Kashirka will take place on an almost 5-kilometer section from which the highway begins. There are 6-8 traffic lanes, 2 transport interchanges, 3 pedestrian underpasses. The capacity of the road, including the junction at the intersection with Volodarskoye Highway and A-105 “Entrance to Domodedovo Airport”, has been completely exhausted. It can no longer cope with the existing flow of automobile and public transport, and there are no additional exits here.

This road is an outbound highway from Moscow, it is of great social importance for the existing and planned housing development. Multifunctional sports centers, sports and recreation centers, clinics, fire stations, and business centers are also being built here. Near the reconstructed section of the Kashirskoye Highway there are several settlements – the villages of Petrovskoye, Aparinki, Misaylovo, Orlovo, the villages of Ostrov, Molokovo.

Reconstruction of the collector from the main sewage pumping station in the city of Vidnoye to the point of connection to the water disposal system of JSC Mosvodokanal will improve the quality of public services provided for more than 122.5 thousand residents. In addition, the possibility of technical connection of the Kalinovka, Tarychevo, Minipolis Divnoye, Green Alleys 1-2 residential complexes under construction will be created.

The Moscow Region has the opportunity to use these funds in 2022-2023 instead of 2024-2025.

Earlier, the Moscow Region received a loan from the federal center in the amount of 27.9 billion rubles. With the help of these funds, 33 objects are being built and reconstructed.

“Among them are 16 kindergartens in Mytishchi, Leninsky and Odintsovo districts, Lyubertsy and Krasnogorsk, 6 highways, including Putilkovskoye, Pirogovskoye, Afanasovskoye and Ostashkovskoye highways. Almost all facilities have already been contracted, and we are doing everything possible to speed up construction and commissioning,” Andrey Vorobyov said.

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