Photo by Konstantin Semenets

In the Putilkovo microdistrict in Krasnogorsk, a fast-food restaurant “Vkusno – i dotka” was opened – the first under the new brand instead of McDonald’s. Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov and CEO of the company Oleg Paroev discussed the possibility of employment in a chain of restaurants through employment centers in the Moscow region.

“Today is a joyful event, because the economy, employment, prospects – all this is very important for us. The service you provide is very popular. I want to say a big thank you for your commitment to doing business at a high level, for your communication skills. I am sure that our tastes will appear in terms of creativity, implementation – I think this is an interesting opportunity to come up with something of our own, – Andrey Vorobyov said in communication with the management of the network of enterprises. – There are a large number of foreign companies in the Moscow region, which employ a lot of people. When the sanctions began, we were worried that our residents would not be left without work, without income. It is very important that they can plan their future. We held negotiations – not a single company, in fact, wants to leave the Moscow region. All of them have very high efficiency, productivity, and competence of employees.”

10,000 people were employed in McDonald’s restaurants near Moscow. Moreover, almost 70% of the staff are young people. The possibility of employment of employees of IKEA, which has decided to leave the Russian market, is being considered.

“We hire people directly, you can always find vacancies on our website. You can simply come to our company and find vacancies there, you can do it through the employment center. One of the initiatives – we hope Andrey Yuryevich Vorobyov will support us – including the possibility of such a centralized recruitment through the employment center of the region, ”said Oleg Paroev.

The staff of the fast food service in Putilkovo is 80 people, most of them live in Khimki and microdistrict. Putilkovo. More than 2/3 of the employees are students. The average salary for a 40-hour work week is 56,000 rubles a month.

There were 138 McDonald’s enterprises operating in the Moscow region. The first of them resumed their activities on June 12. Now 26 Tasty – and the point enterprises have already been opened in 22 municipalities. The rest will start working by mid-July. Another 5 new establishments are in a high degree of readiness and will be introduced in 1.5-2 months.

In addition, another 15,000 people are involved in supplier companies in the Moscow region. Today, dozens of enterprises and farmers from the Moscow region are involved in ensuring the activities of the Vkusno – i Tochka restaurants. Suppliers from the region account for 40% of products and packaging. The region is the leader in Russia in terms of this indicator, supplying fast food enterprises with semi-finished meat products, cheese, milk mixtures for ice cream, salad and vegetable products, and paper packaging.

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