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12.7 thousand companies work in the IT industry in the Moscow region, 28 thousand people are involved. Soon, employers from this area will be able to receive a grant to recruit new employees. The support measure will be available to both operating enterprises and those that are just starting their own business. The duration of the grant will depend on the number of hired workers. This measure of support was announced by the governor of the region Andrey Vorobyov.

“Our goal is to support people with a special mindset who can and want to create breakthrough technologies, we need comfortable conditions so that enterprises where such people work can start new projects in the Moscow region, and for this we are working on the allocation of special grants,” said Vorobyov. The governor noted that if a company recruits additional staff, then a certain amount will be paid for each employee per year, and the payment depends on the level of the specialist’s salary. “The grant period is from one year to five years – depending on the number of hired employees and the more new people, the longer the grant is provided, these funds can be used to increase salaries or purchase new equipment – as the director of the company considers it necessary,” noted Vorobyov.

To receive a grant, you need to obtain accreditation from the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation, and the company’s revenue from its main activity should be 70%. Applicants must also hire at least five new employees.

As explained in turn by the Deputy Chairman of the Regional Government – Minister of Investments, Industry and Science Ekaterina Zinovieva, for each employee, depending on the salary – from 120 to 350 thousand rubles. – the applicant can receive a grant from the government of the Moscow Region in the amount of 96 thousand to 240 thousand rubles. in year. “This is such a calculation depending on the gradation of the level of wages, and you can get it depending on how many employees you recruit for different periods,” Zinoviev said.

The grant term is 1-5 years. It will be paid quarterly throughout the validity period.

In general, IT has the following federal support measures:

– tax preferences (income tax – 0% until the end of 2024, reduction of insurance premium rates from 14% to 7.6%, exemption from VAT);

– financial preferences (loan holidays up to 6 months for SMEs, preferential loans at a rate of no more than 3%);

– grants for promising developments;

– simplified employment of foreign workers;

– a moratorium on inspections until the end of 2024;

– preferential mortgage for employees at 5%;

– deferment from the army for specialized specialists under the age of 27 years.

Regional IT support measures are:

– reduction of the rate under the simplified taxation system (“Income” from 6% to 1%, “Income – Expenses” from 15% to 5%);

– lowering the rate on property tax by 2 times, on land lease by 50%, on land tax by 50%;

– special conditions for IT equipment manufacturers as part of the investment tax deduction (reduction of income tax to 10% and to 0% in remote areas).

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