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In an interview on Sputnik radio, the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov said that one of the main results of the SPIEF for the region was the 3rd place among the subjects of the Russian Federation in the investment climate rating of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI). Last year, the Moscow region ranked 7th.

“This is an important move forward. The most important mission of ASI is to work throughout the year and implement all innovative smart approaches in various areas (this is, first of all, investments and the economy). Here we constantly offer our interesting solutions: digitalization, simplification of the approval procedure of various kinds, admission to the small business market, a large program of support, subsidies and, of course, direct communication. I think that all these terms gave us such a high result. We are regularly in contact with business and try to remove the most sensitive issues,” Andrey Vorobyov said.

The governor noted that in working with businesses it is necessary to avoid unnecessary checks. To date, there are 15 regional and 7 federal supervisory structures in the Moscow region.

“We are simplifying control and supervisory activities. We do everything in partnership mode, as convenient as possible. Now there is a moratorium – there are only those checks that ensure the safety of a person, his health, and the rest are minimized. And we see that the quality has not suffered from this, – Andrey Vorobyov said. – We build the work of control and supervisory activities on a risk-based approach. That is, our task is not to punish, not to close the enterprise, but to give us the opportunity to correct what does not correspond to the spirit of the law and the norm.”

A Construction Assistance Center (CSC) has been established in the Moscow Region, which individually accompanies each project – from granting land to registering the right to a constructed facility. All this allows to significantly reduce the time of its implementation. Now almost 4 thousand projects of large, medium and small businesses are in operation.

“If an investor, an entrepreneur is going to build something, it requires coordination with a large number of departments. And the CSS takes all the headaches. It’s free, 100 employees work in the center, they are in a separate room, interact with you, accompany projects, all approvals are provided electronically, – Andrey Vorobyov said. – We do not just remove the headache, but also speed up the implementation of projects. It used to take 36 months, now it’s 12.”

The governor added that the Moscow region is ready for active cooperation with foreign investors.

“We are actively working with foreign companies – Turkey, China, India, they, in particular, were at the St. Petersburg Forum. A company from India will build a large enterprise for the production of medicines for the treatment of oncology in our country, – Andrey Vorobyov said. – Foreign companies, including European ones, want to work with us, and I’m sure they will. Our job is to help them stay here.”

The Moscow Region may resume road shows that were regularly held earlier to expand partnerships and attract foreign investors.

“Now the geography may not be so wide, but we are invited to China, which, unfortunately, still has restrictions due to covid, as well as to India and Turkey. There they want to present technologies and production to us. In addition, these investors have a desire to localize here, in our market, in our industrial parks. Therefore, we will work very actively and cooperate with foreigners. Travel, search, as well as, I’m sure, foreign companies, including from Europe, will come here, – said the governor. – As our president said, we are open and are not going to be closed by any curtain. Come and boldly implement your business ideas.”

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