Angelina Jolie appeared in a Lviv coffee shop.

Angelina Jolie appeared in a Lviv coffee shop.

A photo: YouTube

actress Angelina Jolie, apparently, she came to the Ukrainian city Lviv. At least, such a conclusion can be drawn from the video posted on social networks by Maya Pidgorodetskaya. “Nothing special. Just Lviv. Just dropped in for a wipiti kawi. Just Angelina Jolie,” she says in the caption.

And indeed, in the video, Angelina Jolie in a baggy gray tracksuit and with a backpack over her shoulders enters a coffee shop. She starts signing autographs for employees and a few patrons. As proof that the action is taking place in Ukraine, the author of the video puts a cup into the frame for a second with a quote from Ivan Franko printed on it.

How Jolie could end up in Lviv is hard to understand. Perhaps some statements will follow a little later (judging by the backpack, the actress just got off the plane). Jolie is a special envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees – it is possible that her visit is connected with this.

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