Angelina Jolie with Ukrainian refugee children.

Angelina Jolie traveled to Ukraine as a special envoy of the UN High Commissioner to help refugees in the midst of the warlike conflict that the country faces as a result of the Russian invasion of its territory.

The actress is known for getting involved in different situations of population risk either helping financially or raising the voice of those who are struggling. On this occasion, it was photographed with some Ukrainian refugee children and his name soon went viral on social media.

Angelina Jolie with Ukrainian refugee children. (Ukrzaliznytsia/Handout via Reuters/)

I pray for the end of this war. That is the only way to stop the suffering and the flight from the conflict zone. It’s horrible to see children pay the pricein lost lives, wounded health and trauma” declared the actress during her visit to the shelter.

The video of Angelina Jolie in a bar in Ukraine

In the last few hours, a video has gone viral whose protagonist is Angelina Jolie. There, we can see the actress buying a coffee in a small bar in the city of Lviv in Ukraine.

The record was made by a fan of the actress who was in the place and who declared “Angelina Jolie loves to drink coffee in Lviv”. In addition, she celebrated Angelina’s help saying “The main purpose of her visit is to help Ukraine! ¡Thank you for your support, Mrs. Jolieand to all who are with the people of Ukraine today!”

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