Angolan President João Lourenço

Members of Angolan civil society filed this Friday a popular action with the Angolan Supreme Court (TS) against the Angolan President and public media, for the “lack of exemption and unequal treatment” of political parties.

The popular action, signed by 57 members of civil society, affected by various civic organizations, was delivered at the Angolan TS headquarters, in Luanda, by a group headed by the Portuguese-Angolan activist, Luaty Beirão.

The measure is against the Angolan President, João Lourenço, the Angolan Media Regulatory Authority (ERCA), the Public Television of Angola (TPA), Rádio Nacional de Angola (RNA), Jornal de Angola and TV Zimbo, a private station owned by the Angolan State.

For the subscribers, the media has an added responsibility for the consolidation of democracy, but the performance of these bodies, especially in this election period, is marked by “lack of exemption and unequal treatment” of competing political forces.

“The petition comes from an urgency, an urgent need to go further than to make statements, we are dedicated, not only to the Mudei movement, but there are several citizens and groups of citizens who are very attentive to the way the press treats the different political actors”, Luaty Beirão told Lusa today, after leaving the Supreme Court.

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