Aníbal Fernández on Cristina: "what he says is not true"
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In front of almost 60,000 people, the vice president gave a long speech, in which she made a historical review focused on the return of Juan Domingo Perón to Argentinaa fact that marked the 50th anniversary this Thursday, and once again demanded an agreement between the country’s political forces.

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In La Plata, Cristina criticized the forces, with the aim of carrying out a profound change within the Security area: “The security forces they are a part of the solution, but they are also a part of the problem if they do not subordinate themselves to civil power. This is also reality, and it is also necessary to say it and make it explicit. It seems to me that it is time to take a look at the places that are suffering.”

Also, made a request to the performance of the Gendarmerie in La Patagonia: “I still don’t know why we can’t redeploy thousands of gendarmes here in the Buenos Aires suburbs instead of having them in the middle of Patagonia Nobody knows doing what.”

Aníbal Fernández’s response to Cristina

The Security Minister agreed with part of Cristina’s speech and even pointed out flattery. “I liked Cristina’s speech. Important things were raised and I cannot hide the love and affection that I feel for her. It’s my family, I come from there and I’m not going to leave there. I agree with most of the things she said,” she said in statements with radius 10.

In addition, when asked about the vice president’s request to end the debate between a strong hand and guarantors, Fernández agreed “100%.”

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Hannibal Fernandez

Hannibal Fernandez

However, the official did not agree with the related criticism to the management of the National Gendarmerie in Patagonia: “I do not share what she says. We have 2,780,400 square kilometers that are planned. These forces, these four, are not led per seare driven by a civilian and that civilian is me, so what Cristina says is not true“.

“Those decisions are made by us and executed by professionals, who are the ones who work in this regard. What they do in Patagonia is designed and diagrammed so that they are fulfilled in each and every one of those places with the steps we have,” he added. .

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