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The Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, assured that the investigation carried out by the Federal Police (PFA) on the crew of the Venezuelan plane detained in Ezeiza did not find “any specific relationship with terrorist organizations” and remarked that in his function he does not manage “with conjectures”.

The minister made these statements to the stations AM750 and El Destape.

On the other hand, Fernandez received an official letter from the Minister of the Interior of Paraguay, Federico González, who told him that he valued “the work carried out by the Government of the sister Republic of Argentina, which, in an expeditious manner, has acted in relation to the Entrasur aircraft”referring to the aircraft of the cargo company linked to the Venezuelan airline Conviasa.

Giving details about the actions of the PFA in the case, Fernández pointed out that “the analysis of the Federal Police is that there is no specific relationship with terrorist organizations”, he said that his way of working is to avoid “conjecture” and called “Hope the investigation continues to move forward.”

“I’m not going to be living my life based on the bullshit these guys say. We are talking about things that must be analyzed accordingly: a plane entered with certain conditions and one has the obligation, because that is what they put me in, to work; that has been done by the PSA and the Federal Police“, he expanded in dialogue with El Destape Radio.

The head of the Security portfolio thus referred to the statements made by the Minister of Intelligence of the Paraguayan government, Esteban Aquino, who in dialogue with ABC Cardinal 730 AM radio in that country said that the pilot of the Venezuelan plane, the Iranian Gholamreza Ghasemi, “it is a person linked to the Quds, without any doubt” and that it was not a “similar” name or a “homonym or anything”.

Asked about these statements, Fernández replied that “the Paraguayan minister (by Aquino) can say whatever he wants” and added: “It is his vision, we have to continue analyzing the elements we have, as we have been doing since the first moment.”

In the same sense, he advised: “We have to be prudent and careful when we express anything.”

Regarding the first communication that Argentina had with Asunción through Entrasur’s Boeing 747, Fernández maintained that “the information that came from Paraguay consisted of warning that this plane had already been in that country in May, but did not link it to terrorism. ” and then he stated that due to the history of Argentina, which suffered the attacks on the Israeli embassy and the AMIA, the government’s responsibility is to “analyze case by case.”

The letter from Paraguay

Parallel to his radio statements, the Security Minister received a note this Friday from the head of the Paraguayan Interior Ministry, who conveyed “recognition to the Argentine authorities for the way they handled this case,” in a praise that had points of contact with the concepts expressed by Israel and the United States ambassador to Argentina, Marc Stanley.

Letter from Minister González to Alberto Fernández by Telem Web on Scribd

In addition, the Paraguayan official told him that “he ratified his support to continue cooperating strongly” on issues involving security “on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Intelligence Secretariat of Paraguay.”

Alluding to terrorist activity at the international level, the Paraguayan official stated that these “global challenges must find us in positions of high coincidence and, above all, of absolute firmness to generate forceful responses to these organizations that are contrary to our values ​​and principles.” .

The judge in charge of the case, Federico Villena, head of the Federal Court of Lomas de Zamora, ordered an inspection in Ezeiza on Thursday night and removed two black boxes from the immobilized plane at the airport, in a procedure that was carried out by specialized Federal Police personnel.

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