Anmat prohibited the commercialization of hair products

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On the first report, the results showed that the establishment authorized as an importer of this type of products -which are labeled under the EXTREM brand- was discharged through a provision of the year 2013. In this case, 28 products were analyzed used for the hair straightening.

“The advertising, use, marketing and distribution throughout the national territory and on electronic sales platforms of all cosmetic products containing the EXTREM PROFESIONAL, POWER PROFESIONAL, LISSE EXTREME and THE REAL BRAZILIAN KERATIN brands is prohibited”, determined the statement.

Consequently, the Anmat cataloged each and every one of them as products without health registration since “their origin, the manufacturing conditions and whether they were formulated with ingredients and under the permitted concentrations are unknown.”

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According to the instructions disclosed by the sellers, the cream should be applied after washing hair with neutral shampoo. Once used, it is left to act for 30 minutes to finally finish drying the hair and ironing it.

Meanwhile, it was found through the Technical Information Management Department (DGIT) that they attempted against the consumer health. “The quality, safety and efficacy of such products cannot be guaranteed, a situation that represents a risk to the health of the population,” he stressed and, in order to protect potential purchasers of the products involved, he made the decision to veto their commercialization. in Argentina.

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