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Anonymous published hacked Bank of Russia documents

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

The international group of hackers Anonymous published thousands of sensitive documents that were stolen from the servers of the Bank of Russia.

It is about 35 thousand files that weigh about 28 gigabytes and were hacked from the Russian currency as part of the Cyberwar which is waged almost at the same time as the clashes between the forces of Vladimir Putin and those of Ukraine.

Anonymous declared “cyber war” on Russia after its military operation in Ukraine

The well-known group of hackers reported through its Twitter account that the files were distributed throughout the network and that if the links are censored, they will be shared again so that the data stolen from the Russian servers continues to be available to the citizens of everyone.

What is among the documents hacked to the Bank of Russia by Anonymous

Among the hacked documents are agreements, correspondence, money transfers, business secrets with tycoons, secret economic reports, trade agreements signed with other countries, statements, video conferences and computer programs used.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

“Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed on Putin’s orders in Ukraine, hundreds of thousands have been displaced, hospitals, schools and shelters have been bombed, children have lost their families and families have lost their children,” Anonymous noted.
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At the moment, the authorities of the Russian Federation have not confirmed the cyber attack.

Technological war: this is how Ukraine plans to counteract the constant hacking it suffers from Russian agents

These types of episodes have increased since Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine a month ago: not only is Anonymous involved in this virtual offensive against the Kremlin, but Ukraine’s IT Army is also collaborating in these attacks.


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