Decon team in front of the establishment that was sealed this Wednesday afternoon.  (Photo: Decon)
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Company is located at Rua Sete de Setembro and was sealed by Decon this Wednesday afternoon

Decon team in front of the establishment that was sealed this Wednesday afternoon. (Photo: Decon)

This Wednesday (23) Decon (Consumer Police Station) closed yet another company that acted in the fake consortium scam in Campo Grande. No one was arrested or charged in flagrante delicto. The establishment is located at Rua Sete de Setembro, 348, in the center of the city.

According to the delegate who handled the case, Reginaldo Salomão, the inspection was carried out after a possible client who was considering buying a letter of credit for her car, approached the police unit asking them to verify the credibility of the place.

When they got there, Decon identified that the place was illegal and only found two employees and the manager. The owner was not there, but is being sought. The company did not have authorization from the Central Bank, not even authorization from the city hall and the state.

To apply the scams, the owner captured images of properties and vehicles from the internet and advertised with a proposal for a letter of credit with a premium, that is, with extra values.

The delegate warns that all people who have received care in the unit look for Decon. “This was possible because after the last case we had this week, some people became aware. Anyone who has been a victim of this company needs to look for Decon, as we can only do something with the consumer’s registration”, he emphasizes.

The criminal has already committed several swindles in Mato Grosso do Sul in the years 2020 and 2021. Upon being discovered by the police, he fled at the beginning of investigations to Mato Grosso and returned to Campo Grande this week with a new unit.

Other Case- On Monday (21), Roma Consórcios, also identified with the names of Solocred, Roma Financiamento and Finacon, was fined by Decon. There, at least 50 people were injured for charging installments of the negotiation, but never having delivered the consortium goods.

From motorcycles, cars to houses, customers sought out the company, paid an entry fee of around R$2,000 and waited to be drawn, but this did not happen, not even for those who received a winning letter.

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