Another pitched battle in a Buenos Aires school: this time between mothers and students in El Palomar
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The pitched battles seem on their way to becoming another sad habitual postcard of Argentine education. Or at least of Buenos Aires education, because last weekend images of a fight between mothers and students in a school in Los Hornos, on the outskirts of La Plata, went viral, and this Thursday the videos on the networks showed another savage confrontation in mostly among women, in front of the School No. 53 Latin American Heroes, in El Palomar.

There is no specific reason for how the violent fight began in the middle of the street, but some witnesses indicated that the mother of a student would have rebuked a classmate of her son, with whom she would have fought at school, and so what already seemed An argument in the street soon turned into a real pitched battle, in which a dozen people, mostly women, were seen beating and kicking each other.

Language, mathematics and ‘break his face’: sad fight between mothers and students in a school in La Plata

The arrival of a police mobile prevented the consequences of the confrontation from being more serious than the blows, bruises and minor injuries, and in this procedure the uniformed officers also reportedly seized a couple of knives, a circumstance that shows the level of violence that the matter had and to where it could have escalated if the arrival of the police did not occur.

The video of the fight went viral on social media, showing everyone the punches and the women grabbing their hair and rolling down the sidewalk:

“Apparently a fourth-year boy would have hit a second-year boy, and the latter’s mother came to complain, he ran into the other kid’s mother and the insults went on to clean punches… It was total madness, luckily the police arrived, if they didn’t kill each other…”, said an occasional witness to the fight, which took place outside the school that is located on the corner of Galán and Neuquén streets, we already said about El Palomar.

In the past week the scene of school violence had been in Los Hornos, on the outskirts of La Plataalso due to a discussion about issues that had happened at the School Agustin Roscelli, in the boulevard of the avenue 149, between 62 and 63:


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