Another scandal in the Dalmasso case: a woman claimed to have been raped by the widower's former spokesperson

CORDOVA. The trial for the crime of Nora Dalmasso, which took place almost 16 years in Río Cuarto, continues to generate shocks and throw new scandalous revelations. This weekend resurfaced rape complaint filed two decades ago by a woman against the lawyer Daniel Lacase, a friend of Marcelo Macarrón, who at the time of the murder acted as a sort of “spokesperson” for the family. It is not the only legal attack against the lawyer: in the middle of the trial against his widower as the alleged instigator of the femicide of his wife, a case was also opened for alleged extortion due to the statements of another witness.

The newspaper Strut published this Sunday an interview with the woman who worked as a maid in Lacase’s house and who 20 years ago he denounced, first before the police and then before the Justice, that the lawyer he raped her while holding a gun to her head.

The woman said that she had decided to tell it publicly now because of the strong psychological impact that knowing Lacase’s presentation at the trial caused her.

The complaint was filed first in the sub-police station of Abilene, in Río Cuarto, and later in the courts. It ended up archived. As the woman told the southern provincial newspaper, in both cases they tried to convince her not to file it. In his testimony, he assured that Lacase warned her that if she opened her mouth she would appear “suicided”.

The woman is now a little over 60 years old and at that time she worked as a domestic worker in the Villa Golf house where Lacase and his family lived, the same gated community where Macarrón’s house is and where Dalmasso’s body was found on Sunday November 26, 2006.

When the denounced event eventually occurred, Lacase was no longer a national official -he worked in the Secretariat for the Prevention of Drug Addiction and the Fight against Drug Trafficking (Sedronar)-, his wife was a prosecutor and was not at home; His teenage daughter was at school and the youngest was at her grandmother’s. The complainant, who had found him in a “suspicious situation” with another employee days before, was alone with him.

She recounted that at a time when she was cleaning the bathroom of the matrimonial room, the owner of the house began to grope her. She said that she managed to get out of the situation, embarrassed, but that it was something temporary, because when she tried to get out of it, Lacase blocked her path.

“I don’t remember well, but I think when he put the gun to my head I froze. He raped me and I had to stand still, paralyzed,” he told the Río Cuarto newspaper. And she added: “I went down to the garage, I went to the service room and I was alone. When I felt the car leave, I kept doing things around the house. I stayed there, I made the food. I remember that day I pouted.”

Lacase -always according to the woman’s story- returned with his wife at noon; she served them food without seeing them (she used the elevator) and when they went up to the bedroom, she cleared the table and left. “I ran away, I ran to the entrance of the golf course, I took the first remis I saw and asked him to take me home.”

In his house She told her husband, and with him she went to file the complaint at the police station. On his way back to his home, he received a call from the lawyer Armando Carbonetti, whom he knew because he used to go to Lacase’s to eat. “He offered me money, a lot of money, to file a complaint. I reputed him and cut off his phone“, Held. She never returned to what was his job.

She went to Justice, from where she was called for her complaint to the police. “The prosecutor treated me very badly. He asked me how long it had been since she had had sex with my husband. He told me that the police doctor had not been able to verify the rape because I was an older woman and had a very large vagina, ”she described. They never quoted her again.

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