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In the midst of the controversy not yet resolved by the Venezuelan-Iranian plane that is being held in Ezeiza, the presence of a new aircraft that would arrive from Caracas to Buenos Aires. It was transferred three days ago from the Iranian company Mahan Air to the Venezuelan company Conviasa.

This information was revealed on Twitter by the international analyst and Director of CRIES, Andrey Serbin Pont. The new aircraft in question is a Airbus A340-642 with license plate YV3535, which was sold by the Iranian firm Mahan-Air to Conviasa, the Bolivarian state parent company on which Emtrasur depends. Said plane is currently carrying out flight V09502 to Buenos Aires.

It was the same airline that confirmed that the new aircraft was headed to Buenos Aires.

In this sense, the director of CRIES explained in dialogue with PROFILE: “The aircraft has a OFAC sanction (United States Office of Foreign Assets Control), like all Conviasa aircraft, and in this case there is the aggravating circumstance that, in general, this route is made by another aircraft of the company that did not belong to Mahan, the same company that sold the 747 stranded in Ezeiza to Emtrasur”.

“Mahan is on an OFAC list because it is used by Iran to transfer weapons to terrorist groups, the Syrian regime and other sectors in the region”clarified the international analyst and affirmed that “what is problematic is the message that is being given”.

The flight in question will land this afternoon in the country and will depart back to Caracas tonight, at 9:50 p.m. In addition, it will carry out a technical scale in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Boliviawhich would be carried out to load fuel and prevent the same thing from happening in Argentina as happened with the Emtrasur aircraft which was denied fuel load.

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They are showing that they can act with relative impunity and that they are not going to allow them to be affected by OFAC sanctions,” he assured, noting: “The Venezuelans could have sent a plane with less underlying controversy and they decided to send what they have just received and that their first official flight on a route from Conviasa to Argentina”.

In turn, Serbin Pont added that, in addition to the message that a certain impunity can operate, there are also political issues: “Let us remember that the Argentine state aeronautical sector is controlled by The Camporawho are ideological partners in this sense, so it should come as no surprise that this is being done with endorsement of local authorities“, he pointed.

“It is true that they have not committed any crime nor is there an international arrest warrant,” the analyst acknowledged, but in turn clarified: “For us, as a country that has had two terrorist attacks sponsored by Iran, the state behind all this has to sound the alarms for us.” .

It has to sound the alarms for us that airlines condemned for supporting terrorist groups fly herelike Mahan Air specifically, or when a pilot of the Revolutionary Islamic Guard being director of an airline that has also fulfilled the function of sponsoring terrorism”, he warned.

In this regard, he indicated that in these cases “there must be an investigation involved and not that it happens as it originally did” and argued that “if there was no controversy because Uruguay closed the airspace, this would continue long.”

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Finally, regarding the versions that have been circulated by official officials, and the president’s silence, the international analyst added: “Both rossi What Hannibal Fernandez These days they have taken care of muddying the field, they have searched generate more misinformation about the fact in an attempt to cover this up a bit, and Alberto has stayed out of it so as not to fall into that mud, probably ”.

“Beyond the possible incompetence in the initial instances on the part of the AFI to detect this aircraft, its crew and proceed with an investigation, we are seeing an instance that shows a high degree of complicityeither because of the disinformation campaign or because of the endorsement it is receiving along with the message that is being sent when receiving this other aircraft”, he concluded.

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