Antonio Guterres

UN Secretary-General António Guterres said this Tuesday that “climate chaos” has worsened due to the increase in fossil fuel consumption caused by the war in Ukraine and the lack of state intervention against global warming.

“The war (on Ukrainian territory) reinforced an unpleasant lesson: our energy matrix is ​​damaged”, said António Guterres in an intervention at the Austria World Summit organized by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger who has been bringing together politicians, businessmen and activists for six years in Vienna for debates. on climate and the environment.

“The energy crisis aggravated by the war in Ukraine has caused a dangerous doubling (in consumption) of fossil fuels in the main economies”, declared the Secretary-General of the United Nations who participated in the meeting remotely.

Guterres was referring to the current energy crisis that he says is being exacerbated by the conflict in Ukraine as well as (international) sanctions against Russia that he says are hampering the fight against greenhouse gas emissions.

After recalling that “houses and businesses” face exorbitant prices, Guterres considered the new investments in fuel exploration and production “delusional”.

This trend “will only increase the calamities of war, contamination and climate catastrophe”, added António Guterres.

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