Abuser being arrested on the last day (9) at Deam (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami)
Abuser being arrested on the last day (9) at Deam (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami)

Adriano da Silva Vieira, 38, an app driver indicted for rape, attempted rape and sexual harassment of 3 passengers in Campo Grande, was banned from the 99 Pop company as soon as complaints were made to the racing platform. The information about his termination was passed on to the Campo Grande News this Monday (13), by the advisory.

Without mentioning details of the reports sent to 99, and not even the date on which the abuser was expelled, the note states that it removed the driver and that the company is now trying to contact the victim to provide support, saying it is still available to the authorities. .

“99 deeply regrets what happened to the passenger. As soon as it received the complaint, the platform banned the driver and mobilized a team that is trying to contact the passenger to offer support and reception. authorities if necessary,” he said.

As the investigations point out, the first case of attempted rape committed by Adriano was on May 29, during a run through 99 Pop. The victim is a 54-year-old widow, she was waiting for the car in front of the University UPA (Ready Care Unit).

As soon as Vieira arrived, she was surprised to see the driver in a different vehicle than the one registered, but the abuser told the woman that he had changed and the platform had not yet updated the exchange. She says she only got into the vehicle because she was called by name and informed of the destination, which made her believe it would be safe to proceed.

Along the way, the man changed the route and said he needed to deliver something to someone. Soon after, he stopped the car and said: “I don’t want money, I want you to do things with me”.

The victim also reported that he was threatened when Adriano said he would take her to the woods. After being forced to touch him and call him “hot”, she was left at home and threatened if she reported him.

Prison: Vieira was arrested on the day (9), after he tried to rape a young woman in the early hours of Sunday (6), after she asked for a ride at the Capital bus station, around 4:30 am. The 28-year-old girl was attacked, but managed to escape through the car window.

In the face of the facts, police investigations led the authorities to another 27-year-old, in addition to the 54-year-old woman who was abused at 99 Pop, adding up to three people so far.

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