App driver is indicted for refusing transport to disabled passenger
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Girl was going with her mother for appointments and ended up missing the exams because the driver told them to get out of the car

A 57-year-old app driver, whose name was not disclosed, was indicted by the 5th Civil Police Station of Campo Grande for the crime of discrimination against people with disabilities. The case took place in February 2021, when the man denied transportation to a 13-year-old teenager with Defiant Oppositional Disorder.

As disclosed by the Civil Police, the mother of the teenager went to the police station in February last year and reported that she asked for the car via the app to take the girl to two medical appointments. However, when the driver arrived, transport was denied.

Video sent to Campo Grande News shows the moment when victims wait for the app car in front of the condominium where they live. Soon after, the Fiat Mob arrives. In the image it is possible to see that the teenager gets into the vehicle and the mother is at the door, in just under a minute the girl ends up getting out of the vehicle and, in a few seconds, the car leaves.

At the police station, the girl’s mother claimed that the driver was in a visible state of drunkenness and even said “I am not obliged to carry that thing”, referring to the teenager. Therefore, the victim missed encephalogram and endoscopy exams scheduled for that day.

According to the delegate Felipe Alvarez Madeira, responsible for the case, the accused was identified after the investigations and, this Monday (21), he was indicted for discrimination against people with disabilities with a sentence of 1 to 3 years in prison plus a fine. .

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