Inflation in May would be around 5%, according to the first projections

In that scenario, the director of C&T Camilo Tiscornia told Ambit that they expect from the firm “5% for April” and assured that “may may be similar”. The foodmeanwhile, also climbed in the order of 5% during the past month for the consultant.

Meanwhile, from the consultancy LCG They noted that it is expectedsome slowdown in monthly inflation, although this would not mean a significant reduction in the level that it has been showing. “In other words, we project that the increase in prices will be around the 5.5%which will be driven by certain agreed adjustments (such as 10% in transport and 6% in prepaid, among others)”, they remarked from the consultant, and added: “In this way, we hope that the nominality of the economy will strengthen this new floor and that, in the best of cases, slow down towards the second semester. Thus, our projection for December results from 70% per annumthis being the lower bound.

He also projected inflation around 5.5% the consultant Focus Market. “The item ‘Food and Beverages’ stands at 5.9%. During the past month, above the average price variation were ‘Expenses’, with increases of 20%, Prepaid 6%, Domestic Service 12% and Schools 9%. In other words, there were increases in Services that will lead to an increase in education, housing and health,” explained Damián Di Pace, director of the firm.

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Inflation in May would be around 5%, according to the first projections


Meanwhile, for Echo GoApril inflation would be around 5.7%“explained largely by the strong drag left by March and the increase in expenses, schools and garages in CABA, prepaid and domestic service”.

For its part, from the consultancy Analytics estimated an inflation of 5.8%with food above the general level (6.3%) and from Equilibra they pointed out that the data will be “closer to 6% than 5%”.

Higher is the projection for Ferreres. “According to the IPC-OJF (GBA), lhe inflation for April was 6.3% monthly and registered a year-on-year growth of 52.5%. On the other hand, core inflation advanced at a monthly rate of 6.7%, marking an annual increase of 54.5%,” the firm highlighted in its monthly report, noting that “thus, accumulated general inflation was 20 .3%, and core inflation accumulated 20.2%.

Looking ahead to the coming months, the forecasts are not too encouraging. It is that, although it could slow down in May, Inflation is expected to “remain at elevated levels”. In fact, some consultants estimate that the “floor” for the coming months will be around 4%.

May inflation would stand at 5%continuing the downward trend after the strong rise registered in March”, they pointed out from EcoGo, adding: “This increase is driven by increases in fuels (7.4% average considering the increase from the second week of month), schools in PBA (8%), prepaid (8%), expenses (13% average), and television, cable and internet (9.8%), among others”.

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