Aquarius horoscope today, Tuesday, March 29, 2022

You will reciprocate with attention similar to what you receive. Your health may be affected, investigate the cause to be able to solve it.

Love: You will not give place to show your feelings to the surface of the skin. Your mind will be focused on other issues that are also part of your life.

Wealth: Try not to spend more than you earn. Do not embark on credits that could later be unpayable.

Welfare: Alliances and unions. Try to harmonize in your intimate relationships, everything has a solution and you will be able to reconcile after disagreements.

Aquarius Characteristics

Is he eleventh zodiac sign and belongs to the air element, Along with Gemini and Libra. His opposite and complementary sign is Leo and his ruling planet is Saturn. He is represented by the water carrier or water bearer since in ancient Sumer this was a symbol of spreading wisdom.

Aquarians are sincere idealistic and creative. They work collectively, but they go against convention: they are unpredictable, changeable and surprise with the unexpected.

  • Element: Air
  • Modality: Permanent
  • Polarity: Masculine (Yang)
  • ruling planet: Uranus and Saturn
  • House: eleven
  • Metal: Uranium, Platinum, Aluminum
  • Stone: Sapphire
  • Colour: blue, indigo, yellow
  • Constellation: Aquarium

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