Aquarius horoscope today, Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The accounts that you have pending is time for you to collect them. Do not hesitate to do everything you always wanted. Take advantage, it’s time.

Love: Give yourself completely the time you are with your loved one. Let your imagination fly and prepare situations of total enjoyment.

Wealth: You may have to take responsibility for the family finances. Now more than ever you should avoid being careless with money.

Welfare: Setting small goals that you can fulfill daily will help your self-esteem. Do not dream of unattainable things. Go slowly but surely.

Aquarius Characteristics

Is he eleventh zodiac sign and belongs to the air element, Along with Gemini and Libra. His opposite and complementary sign is Leo and his ruling planet is Saturn. He is represented by the water carrier or water bearer since in ancient Sumer this was a symbol of spreading wisdom.

Aquarians are sincere idealistic and creative. They work collectively, but they go against convention: they are unpredictable, changeable and surprise with the unexpected.

  • Element: Air
  • Modality: Permanent
  • Polarity: Masculine (Yang)
  • ruling planet: Uranus and Saturn
  • House: eleven
  • Metal: Uranium, Platinum, Aluminum
  • Stone: Sapphire
  • Colour: blue, indigo, yellow
  • Constellation: Aquarium

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