Alberto Fernández reminded the crew of the ARA San Juan five years after its sinking
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Former President Mauricio Macri; the former heads of the AFI Gustavo Arribas and Silvia Majdalani and the intelligence agents had been prosecuted in the first instance by the interim federal judge Dolores Martín Bava.

But the file then went to Comodoro Py and there the Federal Chamber ordered the dismissal of all the accused because, as it considered, they were security actions and not espionage.

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The official defender Tedesco considered that “it has not been an exacerbated task to demonize the relatives complaining here or to try to revictimize them, but rather general guidelines for action without any cruelty and without going beyond the superficial survey of information, without entering the field of self-determination or reserve”.

The case is being investigated “for the alleged obtaining of information and production of illegal intelligence on the relatives and relatives of the victims of the ARA San Juan submarine and the ships ´El Repunte´ and ´El Rigel´”.

“The contested decision is more than adjusted to the law and must be approved, putting a definitive end to the criminal prosecution,” claimed the defender of the spies.

The security tasks, he added, were fulfilled “following the regulatory framework and action protocols, as tasks inherent to the structure of the intelligence agency or routine proceedings.”

“The accusers do nothing other than show a disagreement typical of an ordinary appeal, without the formal requirements for the appeal,” summarized the request for ratification of the dismissal.

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