Arab League rejects new Israeli plan in Palestinian territories

The Arab League issued a statement this Saturday to reject a construction project by the Israeli regime of some 4,000 illegal homes in occupied Palestinian territories.


Arab League demands to stop Israeli genocide against Palestinians

Through the text, the Arab entity condemned the Israeli plan to build around 4,000 new residences for Jewish settlers in the West Bank, and through which more than a thousand Palestinians could be expelled from an area of ​​that occupied territory.

He described as an “ethnic cleansing” these measures by Israel, which -he considered- are unacceptable and violate international security and stability.

He stressed that this project occurs within the framework of the permanent violence that the Israeli regime implements against the Palestinians.

The Arab League maintained that Israel practices “discrimination and apartheid” with this plan to build illegal settlements.

He also criticized the silence that the international community has kept in the face of what he called “crimes” by Israel.

He stated that these Israeli projects will have serious regional repercussions, and will make security in the Middle East more fragile.

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