Aracinis with saffron


  1. Put in a pot or saucepan, the onion, the bell pepper and the diced garlic to brown with olive oil.
  2. Once they are golden, throw the rice into the pot and pearl it (warm the rice until transparent).
  3. When it is like this, add white wine and let it reduce by half, then add the water with the saffron and the salt. Cover until the liquid is consumed, just stir 2 or 3 times so it doesn’t release so much starch.
  4. Once ready, turn off and add the yolks and Parmesan cheese. Stir and cool on a plate. Once cool, cut mozzarella cubes approximately 2×2.
  5. Take a necessary amount of the mixture to form the arancini ball and place the cheese in the center. To seal, they are passed through flour, egg and polenta.
  6. Finally, fry until golden.

The arancini, arancinu or arancia are a traditional preparation of Italian cuisine, of Sicilian origin. They are some meat stuffed rice balls, tomato sauce, peas and mozzarella, which are battered and fried. Some stuffed croquettes, they would come to be. The recipe of David Gdansky, chef of The Pizza OTLit has saffron and mozzarella.

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