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Archie Batterbeethe 12-year-old British boy who had been brain-dead for four monthsfinally passed away this Saturday after being disconnected in a London hospital, ending a long, painful and irreconcilable legal battle waged by his parents against the health system.

The case shocked British society, which was divided between those who supported the minor’s family, and those who, on the contrary, considered that the doctors’ decision to disconnect him was the correct one. “It was a choreographed performance,” the Battersbee family said, and the mother tearfully stated that “Archie Fought To The End”

The treatments that kept him alive since April they had stopped two hours beforeafter his parents they saw all their appeals rejected before the British and even the European courts, fighting to prevent the cessation of treatment and achieve the transfer of the child to a palliative care establishment.

Archie passed away at 12:15 today. (11:15 GMT), his mother, Hollie Dance, reported on television. “She fought to the end,” she added, breaking down in tears and declaring herself “proud to be his mom.”

One of the photos of little Archie, while he was kept alive with mechanical respiration and medication.

Archie Battersbee was found unresponsive in April with signs of a ligature around his neck, likely as part of a viral challenge. The British court authorized the hospital in mid-July to end its life support, which included mechanical ventilation in combination with medication.

The doctors maintained that her case was hopeless and that this justified their decision. But her parents, Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee, supported by a Christian organization, multiplied the judicial resources.

The British court authorized the hospital in mid-July to end its life support, which included mechanical ventilation in combination with medication.

The hospital was “very clear” regarding the fact that “there was no other option” and that medical procedures would be interrupted on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. (09:00 GMT). “It was very hard. I am devastated. I have done everything that I had promised my son to do,” added the boy’s mother, devastated by the tragedy experienced since April.

A country shaken by the case

The boy died after his treatment was discontinued. “in accordance with the decisions of the courts”, confirmed in a statement alistair chesser, chief physician of the London Royal Hospital. One of the boy’s family members, Ella Carter, said he was stable “for two hours” until the ventilator was completely removed.

“There is no dignity in watching a family member or a child suffocate,” he said. “No family should go through what we went through, it’s outrageous,” she added. On Saturday morning, some passersby placed flowers and candles at the foot of a statue in front of the hospital.

The United Kingdom registered two similar cases. In April 2018, a 23-month-old boy with a rare neurodegenerative disease named Alfie Evans also died after a long legal battle initiated by his parents so that his treatment would not be interrupted. The parents even received the support of Pope Francis. In 2017, another case, that of Charlie Gard, who suffered from a rare genetic disease, died after his artificial ventilation was interrupted despite the multiplication of resources from his parents.


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