Archie's case made media coverage due to the legal battle between the family and the hospital

The 12-year-old British boy who was brain dead for four months, Archie Battersbee, and whose death was discussed at the European Court of Human Rights, died this Saturday, his mother announced.

The death came after life-sustaining medical support was withdrawn, following a legal battle between the hospital and the family.

“Archie died at 12.15pm today,” said Hollie Dance, the boy’s mother, who had been in a coma in a London hospital since April.

Archie Battersbee was found unconscious at home with a bandage wrapped around his head on April 7, and parents believe he may have participated in an online challenge that went wrong.

Doctors said Archie was brain dead and life-support treatment was not in his best interests, but the parents asked the British and human rights courts to stop the Royal London Hospital from shutting down the boy’s ventilator.

The European Court of Human Rights refused the family’s request and said it would not “interfere with the decisions of national courts”. [ingleses]” and allowed Archie’s withdrawal from life support treatment to proceed.

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