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The strong currency crisis and the economic instability suffered by Argentina is discussed in other parts of the world and for some it represents an opportunity. This was evidenced by a journalistic program on Bolivian television, where using banknotes from both countries they graphed the collapse of the national currency and how it lost value against the weight of the neighboring country.

‘Argentina given away’ for Bolivian merchants“, is the name of the program report taking the pulse which quickly went viral on social media. In it, the journalist Victor Hugo Rosalesof the Chanel RTP Boliviashowed how people cross the border to buy wholesale groceries and appliances.

Stagnation and high inflation: economists’ gloomy projections for the second half

There is a galloping crisis that seems to have no way out,” the driver began. On this line, he referred to our country’s agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF): “At this time, Argentina you can’t borrow a single penny from him to any country in the world, is so indebted that can’t survive as it is and you have to refinance your debt.

To represent the situation, he used the value of $100 Argentineans as an example. “These are 100 Argentine pesos in two 50 bills. In 2009, they were worth 230 Bolivian pesos.”

Then she took out a small purse and took out two coins. “And now they are worth what is in this purse: a Bolivian peso with 50 cents”, he finished.

On the other hand, he emphasized that in the country currently governed by louis arce They are concerned about the Argentine economic situation, due to the large number of their compatriots who live in our country. Meanwhile, Morales stressed the benefits that this brings, such as those that happen at the border.

“Argentina is given away, because the prices of Argentine products are rock bottom. And this is being taken advantage of by Bolivian merchants, who have left in large numbers to buy all possible products,” he recounted.

Thirteen years ago, the Argentine peso represented more than double the nominal value of the Bolivian peso.

“The dollar is almost at 300 pesos in the blue market and it’s a terrible thing. Bolivians go to the north of Argentina in search of grocery products, wholesale and premium brands,” he continued.

Good quality products are going to Bolivia and those of second quality, remain in Argentina. Argentine merchants are happy, because they sell large quantities and earn something, “concluded the journalist in his report.


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