Argentina investigates eight suspected cases of acute hepatitis

The Ministry of Health of Argentina is investigating the existence of eight suspected cases of unknown acute hepatitis, reported this Friday the head of this portfolio, Carla Vizzotti.


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As detailed by the minister to local media, of the total number of suspects, five had a positive PCR for adenovirus and another three samples are being studied.

Vizzotti stressed that the minors have not yet needed a transplant, but three of them suffer from severe hepatitis, so they could require one.

The Argentine Health portfolio highlighted in a statement that none of these cases are connected to each other, so there can be no talk of an outbreak and added that it is a situation “that does not escape what is reported on a regular basis, since all Cases with similar symptoms of severe acute hepatitis without diagnosis are registered every year”.

The dependency of the South American nation had reported last Wednesday on the existence of the first detected case of this condition, in an eight-year-old boy from the Santa Fe city of Rosario.

The World Health Organization (WHO), for its part, published an alert this Thursday after the strange condition was detected in the United Kingdom in children under ten years of age who had not previously shown ailments.

So far, about 230 cases have been registered in approximately 20 countries, all pediatric patients, of whom four have died.

The WHO indicated that this disease develops in infants under 16 years of age, who do not have fever or viruses associated with any of the above known hepatitis.

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