Argentine Senate approves expansion of the Supreme Court
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The Senate of Argentina approved this Thursday the bill to increase the number of magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice to 15.


Argentine Senate awaits vote to expand the Supreme Court

The initiative promoted by the ruling party of the Frente de Todos, obtained 36 votes in favor and 33 rejections, while there were three absences.

The project also proposes a representation of at least eight members of the same sex.

In this way, the ruling that expands the number of members of the highest court will be dealt with in the Chamber of Deputies, where the Frente de Todos party has less support.

Initially, the proposal was to achieve the designation of 25 judges. However, after legislative negotiations, the project was modified and the number was reduced to 15.

With the project approved, partially, in the Senate, it will be discussed in the Chamber of Deputies for its final approval and to be transformed into law.

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