Ariel Sujarchuk: "Expo Escobar marked a before and after in the country's productive and commercial agenda: now we go for more"

This year’s event is at the historic Predio Floral (Mateo Gelves 1051, Belén de Escobar) between Thursday 9 and Saturday 11 June, with the main objective of creating an ideal space for business exchange, agreement tables and debate centers on future economic prospects. Within the framework of a meeting open to the general public, the automotive, metallurgical and auto parts industries, food industries, construction companies, real estate developers, SMEs, health service providers and entrepreneurs from the knowledge and culture industries, from the triple economy impact and vanguards in sustainability, among many others, the advances in production and technological innovation will be shown, in addition to addressing and reaffirming the importance of the environmental agenda.


The “Argentina Debate” program will receive exhibitions and TED talks on different thematic areas that synthesize Expo Industria, Expo Real Estate, Expo Pyme, Expo Industria del Knowledge, Expo Industria Cultural, and Colloquium.

“We seek a municipal State that not only collects but is the main partner of industries, companies, businesses and entrepreneurs to enhance their economic growth. I repeat what I always say: we must provide certainty to the productive sector about the rules of the game, speak clearly and open a dialogue table to chart the course of the economic and productive model that contains the set of interests and not one in particular. That is why at Expo Escobar the agenda is focused on gender parity, inclusion, the expansion of rights and equal opportunities”, highlights Sujarchuk.

Expo Escobar will once again be the place where traditional industries, knowledge and culture will be promoted and the ideal space to debate the future challenges of Argentina, but there will also be a place for fun and entertainment: shows with great artists, recreational and cultural activities for the whole family and first class gastronomic proposals to enjoy with friends.

Sujarchuk concludes: “I would love for referents from the opposition to come to this edition of Expo Escobar to think together about the Argentina we want. The conditions are given: we have an agreement with the IMF, the indices show improvements in the levels of production and job creation, we all agree that the main problems to solve are inflation, salary recomposition, transforming social plans into jobs and generate a more equitable distribution of wealth. It is time to put aside pettiness to seriously debate this present and the country that we are going to leave to our children and grandchildren.”

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