At COP27, a historic agreement for a fund to help vulnerable countries
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An agreement on “loss and damage” was concluded, on the night of Saturday 19 to Sunday 20 November, at the end of COP27, to compensate the poorest countries for the damage caused by climate change, bring it back BBC, who qualifies him as“historical”.

He was found “after weeks of difficult negotiations” at the United Nations climate conference in Sharm el-Sheickh, Egypt, Write the washington post, using the same adjective.

The American newspaper says:

Weary diplomats cheered wildly as COP27 President Sameh Choukry sealed the deal with a hammer blow. The negotiators had just met, in the depths of the Egyptian night, hoping to finalize a deal that for days had seemed on the verge of failure.

Mr. Choukry said the agreement presented to delegates represented “the greatest ambition that can be achieved at the present time”. He urged participants to view the agreement as “A footbridge” towards more substantial and far-reaching actions that need to be completed.

“Difficult decisions” postponed

The decision on payments for climate damage “marks a breakthrough on one of the most contentious issues in the negotiations United Nations on climate, Write the New York Times. “For more than thirty years, developing countries have been calling for compensation for loss and damage caused by storms, heat waves and droughts caused by global warming, asking rich, industrialized countries to compensate them”traces the American newspaper.

If this agreement “overcomes decades of resistance from the United States and Europe”he “delays the most difficult decisions until at least the end of 2023”, note Politico. The operational details must indeed be defined for adoption at the next COP, on that date, in the United Arab Emirates.

“The crucial question of which countries will finance the fund and which will benefit from it has been left to future negotiations”also notes the washington post.

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