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At least six deceased leaves helicopter accident in the US

At least six deceased leaves helicopter accident in the US

At least six people were reported dead after a helicopter crashed on Wednesday in the US state of West Virginia, local media reported.


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The aircraft, a Bell UH-1B, crashed without knowing the causes yet, at 5:00 p.m. (local time) near Route 17 in a mountainous area of ​​Logan County, killing all six passengers on board.

By the way, the US Federal Aviation Administration announced that the National Transportation Safety Board will lead the investigation that will begin to find out the origins of the accident.

The deputy director of the Logan County Office of Emergency Management, Sonya Porter, said for her part that the aircraft crashed in the vicinity of a rural road, without causing other damage, but that it will be blocked for at least 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the governor of the state, Jim Justice, expressed on his Twitter account that: “Cathy and I are praying for the families of those who died in this tragic helicopter accident.”

About which Bobbi Childs, a resident a kilometer and a half from the scene of the incident, said that she went to the scene when she saw that the helicopter lost control and called 911; while he detailed that after it caught fire, he saw that at least one person remained trapped.

“I ran as fast as I could, went under the security barrier and got into the helicopter, but the fire was so hot, so intense, and that guy couldn’t get out of there,” the witness said.

The N-98F helicopter is owned by Marpat Aviation, which was holding an annual gathering of “Huey” helicopters this week, as the aircraft are known by a nickname. Its website said that people could make a reservation to fly the helicopter without being a pilot.

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