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At peak hours, transport price per app goes up again due to strike

In-app message indicates that race prices are higher.  (Photo: Straight from the Streets)
In-app message indicates that race prices are higher. (Photo: Straight from the Streets)

Using transport by app remains difficult this Tuesday afternoon (21). Just as we reported this morning the despair of those who tried Uber and saw the rides being worth more than double, the scene was already repeated before 5 pm. The rise in prices for this type of transport is a reflection of the bus drivers’ strike, which began today in the Capital.

A journey of just 2.3 kilometers that costs, on average, R$ 8.00, between the Jardim dos Estados neighborhood and Vila Rica, in the Coronel Antonino neighborhood, was costing R$ 23.50 at 17:20 for the 99Pop app.

Transport between Jardim dos Estados and the Campo Grande Bus Terminal, for example, reached R$48.20 in the late afternoon.

In addition to higher prices, the waiting time for a driver can also be longer, as the increase in demand means that the number of drivers is not enough to meet all the demand.

App driver Alessandro said that, in just one ride, he managed to earn R$70. Enthusiastic about the situation, he wanted to know how long the strike would last so he could reinforce his budget.

Despite being expensive, until the closing of this article, at 17:40, the races seemed to be cheaper than those verified by the Campo Grande News this morning, around 6:30. In the early morning, a 6-kilometer ride from Vila Nasser to Jardim dos Estados, today was costing R$42.50, more than twice as much as usual: around R$17.00. This afternoon, the trip along the same stretch cost R$ 24.92.

In the morning, receptionist Bruna Guerreiro tried to use the service to travel from the Zé Pereira neighborhood to Jardim dos Estados, an 11km stretch. She usually pays between BRL 20 and BRL 25 for the ride and, depending on the time of day, the ride can cost BRL 15. However, today, when trying to request a driver at her house, the fare was BRL 76 and , in a second attempt, it reached R$ 86. “I ended up giving up the race and went to work with my sister-in-law”, he commented.

About the strike – The decision to stop was taken by the Collective Transport Workers Union and, according to President Demétrio Freitas, the strike is for an indefinite period.

The strike started because the Guaicurus Consortium sent a letter to the workers announcing that the group’s financial situation is “very serious” and there would be no conditions to settle “unavoidable” commitments, such as payment of employees and suppliers.

The transfer of the voucher referring to 40% of workers’ salaries was not carried out yesterday (20). According to Demétrio, the vehicles do not leave the garages today, even if the payment is made this Tuesday.

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