At Prague train station, these unwelcome Roma refugees from Ukraine

The urgent construction of a “tent town”, according to the Czech press agency CTK, was completed in Prague by firefighters, this Thursday, May 12 (see tweet below). Some 150 beds have been installed there and will soon accommodate some of the hundreds of Ukrainian refugees of Roma origin who, for lack of other possibilities, have gradually taken possession of the Czech capital’s central station in recent weeks.

In other cities too, similar measures have been adopted to deal with a situation “unworthy of the Czech Republic”, according to the mayor of Prague. Quoted by the daily Denik NZdenek Hrib, a member of the Pirate Party, lambasted “the inaction of the government in this humanitarian crisis”.

Unlike the almost 340,000 Ukrainians who, according to data from the Czech Interior Ministry, have been officially allowed to stay in the country since the beginning of the Russian aggression, these groups of newcomers from very poor regions , among which are many children, have so far only majorita

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