AT "School of Dramatic Art" premiere started "Vasily Terkin" Gleba Cherepanova
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According to Gleb Cherepanov, “Vasily Terkin” is a real epic, so Tvardovsky’s poem goes beyond time. The main thing here is the character himself, capable of making the world a better place in difficult times: with a smile, with a kind word – to support, warm the one who is nearby. After all, it is no coincidence that a simple soldier Vasily Terkin became an example of a sense of humor, fearlessness and at the same time human simplicity and modesty.

“The poem really went to the people: its chapters were rewritten and modified, readers massively wrote sequels. The author was not against it at all: the poem became what it was originally conceived. Not an ideology, but a spirit, not complex literature, but folk art. Not a fairy tale, but an epic epic. An epic about a modern hero, in whose place everyone could be, “the theater notes.

The role of Vasily Terkin is played by Andrei Kharenko, Igor Lesov, Regina Khakimova, Anastasia Fursova, Nikolai Gontar, Fedor Leonov, Evgeny Polyakov are also in the performance.

Premiere shows will be held on November 24 and 25 on the stage on Sretenka. Afterwards, you can see the performance on December 24 and 25.

Andrey Kharenko and Regina Khakimova. Photo: press service of the theater “School of Dramatic Art”

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