At the age of 82, the humorist Enrique Pinti died

The actor, director and humorist Enrique Pinti died in the early hours of this March 27 at the Otamendi Sanatorium after being hospitalized on March 5, due to decomposition. In the last few hours, his had requested a prayer chain for his condition.

Among many theatrical titles such as Bread and Circus, The Enrique Pinti Show and Vote Pinti, there was a success that, due to its content and duration, marked the humorist’s prolific career: Salsa Criolla. It was a show that lasted 9 consecutive seasons and had performances even in Mar del Plata, after being referenced at the corner of Rivadavia and Paraná, at the Teatro Liceo.

There it was proposed to tell the Argentine story with a format that emulated the old Greek actors, where the protagonist of the work is the one who tells everything that is going to happen.

“We chose to say goodbye to Enrique Pinti -a huge reference in this Theater House- remembering his last marquee. Finally, his health did not allow him to materialize the announced “Very soon”. Without a doubt, Enrique stars today in one of the sad moments in the history of Argentine theater” , they wrote from Multiteatro COMAFI, one of the spaces where he had announced to act soon.

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