Osores arrived at Rafaela and converted in the debut

Atlético de Rafaela improved its performance, tied 2-2 against Agropecuardio de Carlos Casares after being down on the scoreboard 2-0, marking a reinforcement and recovering its historic scorer, who came to dress the Albiceleste more than a hundred times. That’s the good news. The bad ones… he has been 10 games without being able to win. And it doesn’t take off from the bottom of the standings.

The first half was everything: in 35 minutes the four goals of the match were scored.

At 8 minutes, Denning opened the account from an unusual situation. It all started with a lateral from the right. Control and center back, between the small area and the limit of the large one, on the edge of the corner. Almost to get rid of her. And yet, inches from the goalkeeper, the experienced striker got ahead of his mark and was able to convert.

Osores came to Rafaela and made his debut (Prensa Atlético de Rafaela /)

Just 9 minutes later, Blando received a ball from the left. He advanced unopposed from his mark and threw it to the near post. Two to nil and it seemed that the game was finished.

However, in just 3 minutes, the locals made a draw: at 32, Borgnino shot a cross from the left and found Osores’s head, who got between his two markers.

And three minutes later, Soloa got into a pure dribbling through the center of the area. A central marker managed to “bite” her. The rebound was left to Taca Bieler, who played more than 100 games with the Atlético shirt and was able to convert again.

Bieler reached 100 games with the Atlético de Rafaela shirt.

Bieler reached 100 games with the Atlético de Rafaela shirt. (Rafaela Athletic Press /)

In the second half, both had chances, but failed to score again.

Now, Atlético is 33rd, with 18 points, but it can be surpassed by Villa Dálmine and San Telmo. The next game, against Tristán Suárez, the only team that he is under, with which he has not yet played and that has already been released. He has 13 points. It is a match for much more than three points.

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