Sabrina Basile, daughter of Alfio
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Alfio “Coco” Basile referred for the first time to the arrest of Sabrinahis daughter, who remained in prison for ten days for an alleged link with the attempted assassination of Cristina Kirchner on September 1, and assured that “it has nothing to do with it.”

Sabrina Basile, daughter of Alfio “Coco” Basile. Photo: Web

This morning, in dialogue with Radio Miterthe ex-soccer player commented on the days in which Sabrina Basile was deprived of her freedom. “Honestly, I had a hell of a time. How am I going to live it? Know what it is?”he expressed.

Although she is active in politics, the former DT of the National Team stated that she would be incapable of doing something like that. “I know my daughter. She is political, she is with politics, but nothing to do with serious things, nothing mysterious and what they say “indicated.

And he continued: “Nothing happens. I don’t want to talk about it so as not to bring it up again, that they don’t continue with the same thing, ”she said.

Sabrina Basile, daughter of Alfio

Sabrina Basile, daughter of Alfio “Coco” Basile being arrested. Photo: Web

Why Sabrina Basile was arrested

Sabrina Basil was imprisoned between October 20 and November 4 accused of being part of federal revolutiona right-wing group that according to Justice “encouraged persecution, hatred and violence”, which would be behind the attack on Cristina Kirchner.

the woman was prosecuted for inciting violence with the group leader Jonathan Morellas well as Leonardo Franco Sosa and Gastón Ezequiel Ángel Guerra.

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