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Once again, a bloody morning in Rosario: a 20-year-old man was shot to death in the Tío Rolo neighborhood. The victim was the nephew of Ariel “El Viejo” Cantero, founder of the Los Monos drug gang.

The victim received at least three shots and was identified as Nahuel Alejandro Cantero. According to Télam, the crime occurred in passage 2142 to 6900, around 1 in the morning.

How was the murder of the Old Stonecutter’s nephew

Nahuel Cantero was murdered at the door of his house: someone called him and when he went to open the door a subject shot him at close range and then escaped in a car.

When he was injured, his family took him to the Roque Sáez Peña zonal hospital. Three bullet wounds were detected: in the chest, arm and leg; This made his condition delicate and he had to be transferred to the Emergency Hospital, where he died.

Nahuel Cantero, nephew of the founder of “Los Monos” was assassinated in Rosario. (The capital/)

Authorities seized six served 9mm caliber pods at the crime scene. While the body was transferred to the Legal Medical Institute of the Regional Unit II of the Rosario police to perform the corresponding autopsy.

What are the hypotheses of the crime of the nephew of the leader of Los Monos

Although the police are investigating, from what is known so far, one of the hypotheses that will be lowered is a murder for revenge or settling scores. The case was left in the hands of the intentional homicide prosecutor on duty, Gisela Paolicelli.

How many homicides occurred in Rosario during 2022

With the murder of Nahuel Cantero, so far in 2022, there have been 215 homicides in the department of Rosario, an alarming figure.

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