The attacker's relatives try to revive Arturo López but without success, throwing water on his face.  Twitter @MinisterEzeiza
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This Friday, The verdict will be announced in the trial against the 18-year-old boy who attacked the beach arturo lopez last year. Within this framework, the juvenile criminal prosecutor Mauro Tereszko requested that the defendant be sentenced for the crime of attempted homicide and very serious injuries.

In his plea, the prosecutor requested pretrial detention for the offender in the event that the judge dictates a sentence of responsibility and guilt. For its part, the complaint, represented by Miriam Luna, lawyer and mother of Agostina and Florencia, daughters of the victimadhered to the accusation of the prosecution.

The moment after the attack on Arturo López. (@MinisterEzeiza/)

The defendant meets house arrest. after the verdict the caesura of the judgment will arrive (imposition of penalty), which will depend on the legal qualification chosen by the magistrate.

In turn, the defense requested that the charges be for culpable injuries, a legal qualification milder. After the allegations, Judge Villanueva decided to go to a fourth intermission for this Friday at 10 in the morning.

At the time of attack the assailant was 17 years old. Since then, López, 67, remains hospitalized in a private clinic.

What did the beach family say?

My dad went out to work one day and never came home again., and he did not die of luck, he could have died in minute one. It is a key moment so that there can be an exemplary sentence on violence”, expressed Agostina López.

And he added: “We are very nervous, anxious about what might happen. We are with very afraid of how things can turn out, It was a very exhausting fight. a year waiting for this”. Regarding the state of his father, he mentioned that “he continues admitted to the clinic trying to recoverto get out in the best possible way from that pineapple so strong that caused him lifelong sequelae”.

Effectively, the injuries suffered by López are irreversible. Therefore, the defendant could get a sentence for the crime of very serious injuries. While, attempted murder provides for a penalty of 3 to 12 years in prisonalthough it could be diminished since the defendant I was underage at the time of the fact.

How was the attack

On Friday November 19, 2021around 5:00 p.m., in the garage on Calle Moreno at 800, López was rebuked by a teenager who claimed him for a scratch on his car.

Arturo López (66) remains hospitalized after the attack suffered in November 2021. (Twitter)

Arturo López has been hospitalized since the attack.

The attacker, accompanied by two other youths and their mother, surprisingly hit López on the left side of the face, impact by which man falls and hit the ground hard, staying unconscious on the spot.

after the fact, the young man was a fugitive for almost five months until he appeared before the Justice on April 29 spontaneously.

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