Attack on Tiziano Gravier: the aggressors' lawyer launched a serious accusation involving Valeria Mazza

The defense attorney for the assailants who beat up Tiziano Gravier, son of Valeria Mazzaquestioned the jaw operation to which the 20-year-old had to undergo. “The photos show that he did not have any marks on his body, nor a scar from the surgery”denounced George Bedouret.

During a radio interview he gave to Chain 3 Rosary, Bedouret began to raise discrepancies in the case and that they would feed -according to the lawyer- the theory that Gravier did not suffer any injury as a result of the fights that broke out outside a bowling alley in Rosario.

“First and foremost, I never had access to the medical report of the alleged operation in Buenos Aires”insisted on the medical procedure that was carried out last Wednesday, June 8, at the Austral Hospital facilities.

Along these lines, he stated: “I saw photos after the operation that are very striking. The victim is sitting on a bed, half naked because she had some wires and some things on her chest. He had no marks on his body nor did he bear any marks from surgery. He wasn’t bandaged or anything”.

Valeria Mazza speaks after the attack her son suffered: “He was attacked for no reason”

“So, what I need to prove that this surgery took place is a medical report,” the defense attorney specified to sow the doubt: “What surgery was done?; Was there really a fracture? I do not know”. Once the clarification was made, the legal representative of Jesuán M. and Franco Z. made other harsh accusations.

He considered that Rodrigo Santana, prosecutor in charge of the case, is being “tightened” through constant phone calls from officials of the municipality, government and the Nation. “Not only public, judicial and executive officials pressure him. The prosecutor is also in tune with the judge”, Indian.

In the last stages of the dialogue with the Rosario media, he anticipated that “he is going to appeal” to the arrest of the accused – he had previously considered that preventive detention was something “excessive” – ​​and stated: “Over the next few days, we’re going to be moving forward with some things that I can’t reveal yet.”

As the security cameras show, Franco Z. and Jesuán M. beat Gravier with no apparent discussion between them and called him a “tincho” in a derogatory manner. As a result of the attack, Tiziano had to be hospitalized first in Rosario and then intervened in the Austral Sanatorium in Buenos Aires.

It was there that the surgery was carried out for a fracture in the maxilla. Days later, criminal judge Hernán Postma formalized the accusation and issued preventive detention for 90 days to the aggressorsas requested by Santana and the private lawsuit of the Gravier family, in charge of the lawyer Germán Pugnaloni.

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