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A few days ago, the rector of SZFE spoke in an interview about the fact that “janissary training” took place in the institution before the transformations two years ago.

The hysteria was because we captured one of their last bases. (…) Those who get out of here will represent a different tone and a different backbone. (…) Re-tuning students is not an easy thing

he said in the interview.

However, the current students of SZFE also distanced themselves from the extreme statements over the weekend and wrote: they reject “the political stigmatization of art students” because such statements only increase the tension that “has developed in the theater and film industry in recent years “.

We are not and will not be part of any kind of “re-tuning”, and as for the “other spine”, everyone among us works from his own spine, as most of the students of the institution have done during the past 157 years

– stated the students in the letter, who also emphasized that by enrolling at the SZFE, they did not choose an ideological camp for themselves.

This is how the rector of SZFE reacted

In response to this, Attila Vidnyánszky wrote an open letter to the students. The rector wrote that, according to him, the sentences quoted in the press appeared “taken out of context”, but even with that he accepts the essence of what he said.

Attila Vidnyánszky continued – referring to the students’ open letter – that “the manipulative nature of disclosure is of course alarming, but it is common, but at the same time I am happy about the ‘distancing’ as a gesture of civil character”. He then emphasized that, in his opinion, the fact that the students are now protesting in an open letter represents progress compared to the previous state of the SZFE.

“I wonder why there weren’t similar strong protests before? Why haven’t we heard of signatures, petitions, or protests in the case of an institution that – which repeatedly criticized the model change – Árpád Schilling characterized it as “the crime is embedded in the walls”, or which Viktor Bodó, who is also critical of the transformation, previously compared to a swarm of couplets”, wrote the rector of the SZFE, and then added that, in his opinion, there are two answers to this question:

at the old SZFE, they were either afraid, or everyone thought the same thing – and of these, “both possibilities are terrifying”.

He also emphasized that he does not want to make his own opinion and world view exclusive in the institution. “Of course, it would be nice to live without misunderstandings, but the awakening of student self-awareness is a clear message and confirmation for us, who are working to create a free and independent university spirit.

I wish our students further good work for their studies, and that their stance be consistent throughout their careers and throughout their lives, and that they do not give in to manipulations with various political intentions, but always make decisions according to their conscience

– it concluded To Origo Attila Vidnyánszky delivered his letter.

(Cover photo: Attila Vidnyánszky on June 8, 2021. Photo: Karip Tímea / Index)