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As is well known, Attila Vidnyánszky recently spoke in an interview in the Belvárosi Civic Hall about the fact that there was “janissary training” at the University of Theater and Film before the transformations two years ago.

The hysteria was because we captured one of their last bases. (…) Those who get out of here will represent a different tone and a different backbone. (…) Retuning students is not an easy thing

he said in the interview.

However, from polemical statements the current students of SZFE also distanced themselves over the weekend and wrote: they reject the “political stigmatization of art students” because such statements only increase the tension that “has developed in the theater and film industry in recent years”.

Later, Attila Vidnyánszky responded to this in an open letter. He wrote: the conversation taking place in the Civic Hall in Belvárosi was closed, and what was said was distorted and revealed to the public by an uninvited guest.

“We’re on the right track”

Magyar Nemzet writes that the uninvited guest may have been a journalist from Népszava, who reported on the event in the form of a report. Later, several people criticized the director general of the National Theatre, including István Vágó, member of the DK presidency, and film director Attila Janisch.

The Vidnyánszkys attacked Hungarian culture like the Russians attacked Ukraine: crushing it, referring to the oppressed people-national community and their liberation from Liberal Nazi rule

István Vágó declared on his social page. Film director Attila Janisch accused Vidnyánszky of lying in his publicity.

According to the director general of the National Theatre, a discrediting campaign has been going on against it for a decade, and what happened now is another chapter of it.

I can easily imagine that this is a preconceived, well-constructed choreography. We are on the right track in creating and developing a university with a free atmosphere, where all university citizens can express their opinions without anxiety. This is sure to irritate many

said the To the Hungarian Nation Attila Vidnyánszky.

“We may be less vocal or organized than the opposition, but we are more: we are the silent majority,” he added.

(Cover photo: Attila Vidnyánszky. Photo: Karip Tímea / Index)