Alberto Fernández greets Daniel Scioli during his swearing-in as Minister of Productive Development (Photo: NA).

In his first definitions as Minister of Productive Development, Daniel Scioli made it clear that the axis of his administration will be attract foreign investment for productive projects key sectors What mining, lithium and energy. The objective is twofold, on the one hand, to counteract the shortage of reserves and, on the other, generate Job positions.

Inside doors, the new minister will go out to tour the territory Already listen to the private sector, though he promised to give priority to SMEs. His position in denying the stocks will be far from responding to the claim for the difficulties in importing.

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His first official activity will be visit the National Institute of Industrial Technologyl (INTI) and meet with the Minister of Education, Jaime Perczyk. He later returned to set foot in the province of Buenos Aires, which he governed for two periods. There, he plans to meet with the Buenos Aires president, Axel Kicillo.

Daniel Scioli already marked his own imprint

President Alberto Fernandez took an oath this Wednesday as Minister of Productive Development and, minutes later, Scioli gave his first press conference.

Alberto Fernández greets Daniel Scioli during his swearing-in as Minister of Productive Development (Photo: NA).

Although the President highlighted the management of Matías Kulfas at the head of that portfolio, the former ambassador has already marked own imprint and agenda. He defined himself as “developer and productivist”, promised a management with a look federal and promised to listen to everyone in order to find solutions to the problems that arise.

But the most important were their definitions as to what is coming. Alberto Fernández said that in the current international situation there will be aspects that can be handled from Argentina, although he acknowledged that there will also be others that cannot. He called the unit and asked “not to lose the good that has been done.”

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In the subsequent press conference, Scioli took up that discursive line, showing “concern about what is happening in the world” and spoke of the opportunities that are opening up for Argentina in a world context in which food and energy are lacking due to the war in Ukraine.

Foreign investment, Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline and credits, the first definitions of Daniel Scioli

On the one hand, Daniel Scioli’s mission will be to attract investments and develop business opportunities to attract foreign capital in key sectors such as the mining and energybut also mentioned the lithium and the food industry.

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Based on the good relationship he generated with the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonarowill also seek to strengthen the trade integration with that country, centered on the sectors automotive and of foodswhich he considered fundamental.

He said he will seek to “receive non-speculative investmentsthat they come to develop strategic sectors”, because “the priority is generate work from those investments.

Attracting foreign investment, Daniel Scioli's bet on his arrival at the Cabinet

In addition, the official highlighted the decision to move forward with the construction of the Nestor Kirchner gas pipeline as a “priority strategic work”, for the foreign exchange savings that it will imply in terms of energy import, but also because the export will allow the dollar income to the country.

With the same last objective, he guaranteed that there will be lines of credit for investment, capital goods and the development of exports.

SMEs, at the core of its management

Another of the definitions left by Daniel Scioli’s first statements as minister has to do with the central place that he promised to give small and medium-sized businesses and that from there it will project the big companies.

Its management will be focused on show up in the territory, get closer to the businessmen in the place and walk the country. His first visit will be to the province of Buenos Aires, where, in addition to Axel kicillofwill meet with his Buenos Aires peer, august coast.

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Scioli argued this decision on the fact that that province represents 40% of the GDP and concentrate on 55% of the industries that export.

In this work side by side with the private sector, the minister said that he will “approach problems“, a “listen employers and workers and bring solutions closer”. “You know that I am always for help”, he assured.

However, the main claim of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA), at the moment, is not in the folder. “There is no trap, there is responsible administration”, he said when asked about the difficulties of companies in accessing dollars to import.

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In this sense, he anticipated that they will “set priorities” in the “allocation of reserves to invigorate the productive apparatus. And although he promised that the dollars will be for the imports that are needed to produce, in the business sector they take it for granted that this faucet will not be turned on again.

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