Atucha III: FdT senators learned details of the fourth nuclear power plant project

During the day, legislators and officials participated in a presentation and a tour of the facilities, with the aim of knowing the current status of the Atucha III project, the fourth nuclear power plant in the country to be built in the Buenos Aires city of Lima.

Senators participated in the meeting. José Mayans, Oscar Parrilli, José Rubén Uñac, Juliana Di Tullio, Silvina García Larraburu, Silvia Sapag, Guillermo Andrada, Ricardo Guerra, Sergio Leavy, Antonio Rodas, María Eugenia Duré, María Teresa González, Marcelo Lewandowski and Guillermo Snopek.

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During the tour, Senator Uñac, president of the Energy Commission of the Upper House, highlighted that “We all take the commitment to collaborate and make an effort to complete this project as important as Atucha is.”

For his part, Senator Mayans stated that “Argentina is interested in continuing to evolve in its nuclear energy program. This program was started by General Perón in the year ’50, always with a peaceful vision”.

Senator Di Tullio added for her part that “We are sure that Atucha III has to move forward, it has to start and materialize, as part of what we proposed to the Argentine men and women, which is to dream of energy sovereignty.”

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In turn, Undersecretary Basualdo highlighted the accompaniment of the senators, while adding that “The Argentine nuclear complex has a very important relevance in the energy transition process that the country is facing, and for the future, it promises to continue growing and contributing both knowledge and technology for the development of Argentina.”

Atucha III

On February 1, 2022, Nucleoeléctrica Argentina and the Chinese National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) signed the contract for the construction of Atucha III, a 1,200 MWe reactor with an initial useful life of 60 years to be installed at the Atucha Nuclear Complex in the locality of Lima, province of Buenos Aires. The project involves an investment of $8.3 billion and will allow an increase of more than 60% in electricity generation from nuclear sources.


The EPC (engineering, purchasing and construction) contract provides for the provision of engineering, construction, acquisition, start-up and delivery of an HPR-1000 type plant, which will use enriched uranium as fuel and light water as coolant and moderator.

The construction works will begin at the beginning of 2023 and will require the creation of more than 7,000 jobs during the work peak, 700 permanent jobs for its operation and an approximate integration of the 40% with national suppliers.

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