Audit of electronic ballot boxes in Brazil concludes

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) of Brazil announced that the Public Security Test (TPS) 2021 of the Electronic Voting System concluded this Friday.


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This electronic system will be used in the next presidential elections in Brazil, so the relevant authorities ensure that it is impossible to hack their data and interfere with their results.

“None of the attacks managed to overcome the system security improvements that were implemented by technicians from the Court’s Information Technology Secretariat,” the Brazilian Supreme Court stated on its official website.

The TSE reported that the auditors could not modify the votes, nor change the results as a sign that the problems detected in the verification of last November had been solved.

“The Public Security Test makes our audit process a fruitful experience of mutual collaboration,” said the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Electoral Court, Christine Peter, regarding TPS 2021.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Information Technologies of the TSE, Julio Valente, stressed that the TPS was configured with the aim of “strengthening the security of the Brazilian electoral process and the transparency of the elections.”

Secretary Julio Valente stressed that “the electronic voting system is no longer just a construction of the Electoral Justice.” The Court, academic and technological institutions, and their experts have worked on the transformation of this system during the previous six editions of verification.

The five teams of researchers selected for this test managed, last November, to attack systems for transmitting and receiving results.

In addition, the expert Ivo de Carvalho Peixinho of the Federal Police reported that although it was possible to interfere with the transfer of data from the polling stations through the JE Connect kit, it was not possible to overcome the encryption layers of electronic signatures. These ensure that the system only receives and transmits information generated by itself.

The presidential elections in Brazil are scheduled for October 2022. Although more than 80% of Brazilians express their confidence in the TPS, – according to a survey by the opinion institute Datafolha -, the current president Jair Bolsonaro has not wasted opportunities to attack him.

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