Australian mining sector frequent sexual harassment and assault

One woman describes, for example, that she received a blow that made him lose consciousness when he returned to his room after finishing his work day. “When I woke up, my pants and underwear were up to my ankles. I felt ashamed, violated, dirty and very confused”describes this worker.

Usually, the workers describe their exhaustion and the difficulties they go through due to this permanent harassment in the workplacelocated far from everything, where they can’t even wash their underwear for fear it will be stolen when they are spread out to dry.

There are women who describe that security agents they film them while they showerothers explain that they receive “vile” messages from their superiors.


Within this investigation, the Western Mining Sector Workers Alliance The country says that more than a fifth of female employees have been asked for “sexual favors” in exchange for better working conditions or a promotion.

“It is important that parliament, government and public opinion are made aware of the extent of violence and horrific abuse that women suffer while doing their jobs”said Libby Mettam, who led this parliamentary inquiry.

Industry giants such as Rio Tinto, Fortescue and BHP have been involved in this investigation and have admitted that they fired employees for inappropriate behaviour.

This report follows an internal investigation published in February by Rio Tinto, which found that sexual assault, abuse, harassment and discrimination were common throughout the company.

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