AvtoVAZ will return Lada to the market with "robot" and 16 valve engine

AvtoVAZ is going to resume production of 16-valve engines and AMT robotic transmission. This is reported “Lada.Online” with reference to sources close to the plant.

At the same time, the timing of the launch of their production is still unknown, since they are not completely localized.

For example, in the engine, the connecting rod and piston group is Federal Mogul, the phase shifter is Germany, the ramp and nozzles are Siemens Deka, the camshaft sensor is Bosch, etc. And AMT has a German control controller.

It also clarifies that in the long term, the possibility of using automatic transmissions from China is being considered.

Earlier, Vadim Kryuchkov, an expert of the magazine “Behind the Wheel”, spoke about the pros and cons of the VAZ-11182 engine, which is equipped with a simplified Lada Granta.

In the near future, AvtoVAZ plans to resume production of the Niva SUV family, in the medium term – Largus, and next year – the new Vesta.

At the same time, the company may start assembling Sandero and Logan models at the plant in Togliatti under the Lada brand under an agreement with Renault. But the final decision on this issue has not yet been made; at the moment, the feasibility of this project is being studied.

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