Axel Kicillof announced a 50% increase in minimum pensions and a bonus of up to $10,000

The Buenos Aires Governor Axel Kicillof, announced a 50% increase in retirement and minimum pensions for beneficiaries of the Social Security Institute (IPS) of the Province, as well as the payment of a bonus of up to 10,000 pesos for 26,975 people who receive pensions and contributory pensions less than 38,000 pesos.

In this way, the amount of the minimum pensions in Buenos Aires territory will from the current 14,040 pesos to 21,060 pesos this month, an increase that will reach to 2.6% of the beneficiaries of the IPS, represented by 7347 people.

This was officially reported after a meeting that the governor of the Front of All held with the Minister of Treasury and Finance of the Province, Pablo Lopez, and the president of the Social Security Institute (IPS), Marina Moretti.

“The objective of these policies to strengthen income is to accompany the people of Buenos Aires who are in a most vulnerable situation”, asserted Kicillof, who added that his administration is working “to provide answers and sustain a reactivation of the economy that has to reach everyone”.

For his part, Moretti specified that the non-contributory pensions received by those under 21 years of age will be increased, as well as those of the general regime. “We are working to accompany a sector that, although it represents a small part of the IPS beneficiaries, is made up of those who most need the support of the Provincial government,” said the official.

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